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school assigment # 5


3D Dynamics Assignment

This is my latest assignment for 3D class.

Term 4 motion design project

For this project I teamed up with my friends, Rodrigo and Hasan. We worked pretty hard on this one. Enjoy.

The Art of The Title Sequence

It is now the end of my 4th term at VFS. One of my favorite projects of this term is a sequence for a skate movie. These are the frames I made for the short video. The video is not complete but stay tuned as I will be posting it up soon…

vancity jam

This is a quick look frame I drew for a motion project I am currently working on.

cat dubstep

This is just a little test I made using “expressions” on After Effects.

digital art

In today’s class we learned how to use paint brushes in photoshop. This is what I handed in for the in-class assignment.

Motion Design – movie poster assignment

For today’s in-class assignment, I redesigned the BTTF poster. Enjoy.

Lower Third Assignment

This is this week’s motion design assignment.