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Yuna – Live Your Life (prod. by Pharrell)

I challenge you … to find a better Bob Marley cover than this. Lol.


“FHM Magazine gives us a behind-the-scenes look at a photoshoot for the upcoming 2012 FHM Calendar featuring Olivia Munn. The Attack of the Show! ex co-host and actress/author has had a fulfilling background in modeling, gracing the pages of Complex, Men’s Health and even the premiere issue of The Hundreds Magazine. “


One of the plus sides of living in Vancouver is the luxury of having some of the worlds most deluxe apline parks within 150 kilometers from home. If you don’t board or ski and you’re from around here, you definitely are missing the fu#k out. Anyway here’s a video (filmed elsewhere) from Burton’s Snow Porn series called “Midwest Shredfest”. Skillls!

“Many grew up watching tapes of our favorite skaters shredding it up across the world, and because of its surge in popularity over the last decade, snow-boarding has begun offering videos of gnarly winter street sessions. A group of Burton riders, including Jeremy Jones, Zak Hale, Mark Sollors, Keegan Valaika, Alex Andrews and Ethan Deiss take to various rails, drops and snow piles in the Midwest offering a shredfest of heart-warming tricks. A wonderful start to winter, Burton’s Snow Porn will surely get you in the mood for next month’s Winter X Games.”


Here is the fifth installment of the Here Comes The neighborhood documentary series. This episode features “Saner” and “Sego”, two mexican artists collaborating on an amazing piece for the Wynwood Walls in Miami. Watch below:

“In this Episode of Here Comes the Neighborhood, Mexican artists Saner and Sego collaborate on a mural for the Wynwood Walls. They create a colorful dreamscape together, building on themes that each of the artists have explored for years. Saner’s interpretation of the work, and his poetic eloquence helps elevate the wall into an ethereal realm, while Sego, traveling to the United States for the first time, brings an astute attention to detail, and a stunning technique grounded in the complexities of the natural world. These Artists exemplify the power of art, both public and private, to function as a change agent, using this mural as a tool to reframe the worlds view of Mexico; from a dangerous narco state, to one of the most beautiful, mystical and transformative cultures in the world.”


…Remember that old photo of Biggie at the Platinum Party from back in 1995?..or the classic sets from Jay’s Reasonable Doubt and DMX’s Flesh of my Flesh, Blood of my Blood albums? These and many many others are the classic photos that we remember some our favourite artists by. The man behind the lens? Jonathan f#cking Mannion. Check his extensive portfolio here and the video above is brought to us by Made Blog.

Where Do You Stand?

Well, winter unofficially arrived in Vancouver and it is F-ing Cold. Cant complain after watching this..

In January 2007, Wim Hof ran a half Marathon (21 km) above the polar circle in Finland. He wore only a pair of shorts and no shoes. The ground (snow) temperature was 35 below. In a few months time, he’ll try something similar on Everest’s north side. The expedition, led by Dutch Werner de Jong, will try to set a new world record as Wim attempts to climb parts of Everest wearing only shorts.

This is not your regular stunt. Wim already has 9 world records, and has trained hard for many years to withstand cold, much like some monks do in Tibet.

Wim can actually regulate his core heat to control the temperature of his skin. Something of a medical enigma, Wim is able to withstand cold that could kill or seriously injure other people.

On Everest, Wim will also put to use his free style climbing skills – which he once demonstrated hanging between 2 hot air balloons by his middle finger at an altitude of 1500 meters. Once back inside the basket, Wim finished by climbing to the top of the balloon.

One of Wim’s world record attempts took him to the North Pole, where he held his breath for about 6 minutes and 20 seconds below the ice.

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